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Submitting a Portfolio for Endorsement

Updated February 2021

Portfolio Submission and Review

Standard portfolio candidates are expected to take and finish the PBS class and complete 24 hours of mentoring before submitting a portfolio.

Endorsement Board interviews are scheduled bimonthly. Portfolios must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the scheduled interview date. Each candidate will then participate in an interview with three VPBS endorsement board members who have reviewed and scored their portfolio.

UPDATE: Due to contact restrictions during COVID-19, portfolios must be submitted electronically to

The decisions of the Endorsement Board are final. Candidates will be notified in writing after the endorsement board meeting if they are provisionally endorsed, conditionally endorsed, or not endorsed.

  • Candidates who are provisionally endorsed will be assigned a number and are immediately eligible to use the VPBS Facilitator credential. More information about provisional endorsement may be found below.

  • Candidates who are conditionally endorsed are required to complete additional work as determined by the Endorsement Board and submit it for review by another Endorsement Board member. Upon approval of the additional work, the candidate will be endorsed. If the additional work is not approved, the candidate is considered not endorsed unless otherwise specified.

  • Candidates who are not endorsed may submit another portfolio. There is no limit to how many times a portfolio may be submitted, however the candidate must cover the cost of subsequent Endorsement Board reviews and interviews which is $1,000.

  • There is no appeals process regarding the determination of the VPBS Endorsement Board. All candidates may participate in a conference call with endorsement board members to better understand the outcome of their endorsement status following their Endorsement Board interview.

Expedited Process for Endorsement

Professionals who have already acquired the knowledge, skills and abilities to be a PBS Facilitator, in addition to having extensive experience writing Person-Centered Plans and Positive Behavior Support Plans, may not need the VPBS training. Those candidates may submit a portfolio under the expedited process for review by the Endorsement Board. There is a fee of $250 to submit an expedited portfolio. Candidates who are endorsed or conditionally endorsed after the Endorsement Board interview will receive full reimbursement ($250).

VPBS Endorsement Board

VPBS Endorsement Board members are endorsed VPBS Facilitators who have previous experience mentoring and teaching positive behavior support. Endorsement Board members are impartial to the candidates and do not have knowledge of or private interests in the candidate’s endorsement. Endorsement board members carefully read and score each portfolio and interview candidates regarding their philosophy and specifically about their plan.

​If you wish to review previously submitted portfolios before preparing your own, contact VPBS staff at VAPBSPROJECT@VCU.EDU to set up an appointment or review electronic submissions.​

Provisional PBS Endorsement (Updated July 2020)

Starting in 2020, all candidates will be Provisionally Endorsed for one year. Provisional PBS Facilitators will be given an endorsement number and be eligible for reimbursement for developing PBS plans; however, before they receive full endorsement, they must receive at least 16 hours of PBS supervision for two subsequent PBS plans within a year. PBS Facilitators who provide supervision for two plans written by a provisionally endorsed PBS Candidate are ethically and legally responsible for the plans which they oversee.

How much supervision is needed?

A minimum of 16 hours of supervision is required. At least 12 of those hours must be 1:1 either face to face or by phone, telecommunication, electronic meeting or email. The additional 4 hours may be in a group. Each Provisional trainee should be supervised for two behavioral consultations. 

How does supervision occur?

Supervision meetings with a PBS Supervisor may occur through a variety of means including:

  • Face to face meetings
  • Skype, FaceTime or electronic meeting
  • Email/phone conversations
  • Group meetings
What topics should be included?

The Provisional PBS Facilitator is expected to create the agenda for the supervision meetings. The PBS Supervisor should be aware of the agenda prior to the meeting. Topics to discuss could include but not be limited to:

  • Team Facilitation Strategies
  • PBS interventions
  • Training techniques to use when training staff or family members
  • Allowable Activities for billing
  • Setting up a PBS practice
  • Ethics concerning the PBS plan
Who should provide supervision?

PBS Supervisors will be endorsed PBS Facilitators who are currently practicing PBS. Supervisors must be approved by completing an application which will be reviewed by PBS endorsement board members. For standard trainees, PBS Supervisors should NOT provide supervision for the same PBS candidates to whom they provided mentoring prior to endorsement. Supervisors who work in the same agency may provide supervision, but must complete a supervisor application and receive approval for each provisionally endorsed candidate by a PBS Endorsement Board. PBS Supervisors must complete Supervisor Training as prescribed by the Virginia Board for Positive Behavior Support . An application to be a PBS Supervisor may be found here.

How is Supervision Paid?

For standard candidates, the Partnership will sponsor 6 hours of supervision. Expedited candidates are responsible for covering the cost of their own supervision. PBS Supervisors are responsible for negotiating payment for their supervision services.

How is Provisional Endorsement Completed?

Two plans should be submitted within one year of their provisional endorsement. Supervisors should sign off that they approve the plan. Upon approval by a member of the Virginia PBS Endorsement Board, the candidate will then be fully endorsed. If the Endorsement Board member still has concerns about the plan(s) submitted, the Endorsement Board member may recommend additional supervision or consultation with the Endorsement Board Member to determine corrective action.


Standard Process Portfolio (PDF)
Expedited Process Portfolio (PDF)

Endorsement Board Interview Dates

Portfolios may be submitted at any time and interviews will be scheduled accordingly. Approximately two weeks is required between the time the portfolio is submitted and the interview. Scheduled dates for 2021 are:

  • February 11, 2021   (submit a portfolio by January 28, 2021)
  • April 14, 2021          (submit a portfolio by April 1, 2021)
  • June 23, 2021           (submit a portfolio by June 9, 2021)
  • August 18, 2021       (submit a portfolio by August 4, 2021)
  • October 20, 2021     (submit a portfolio by October 5, 2021)
  • December 8, 2021    (submit a portfolio by November 22, 2021)
Portfolio Deadlines

Portfolios are due two weeks before the endorsement board interview date, but may be submitted at any time. Interview times may be flexible based upon the schedules of the endorsement board members and PBS candidates.

Endorsement Board Members

The VPBS Endorsement Board ​is comprised of endorsed PBS Facilitators who also have a variety of expertise including counseling, education, psychology, vocational rehabilitation, people with disabilities and their family members. The VCU Positive Behavior Support Project contracts with PBS Facilitators who serve as endorsement board members to review portfolios for Virginia PBS Endorsement. Endorsement Board members are hired on an as needed basis. Although applicants may be qualified to provide services, positions are filled depending upon the number of portfolios that are received for review. Application for VPBS Endorsement Board may be found here

Current Endorsement Board members are:
  • Carol M. Schall, Virginia Commonwealth University  
  • James Holdren, Chesterfield County Employment Services
  • Whitney King, LEAF Behavior Support, LLC
  • VJ Petillo, Central Virginia REACH​​
  • Wendi Strickland, Branches of Life, LLC​
  • Phil Nussbaum, Chesterfield County Employment Services
  • Ruth Ewers, Region 10 Community Services
  • Paula Traverse-Charlton, Positive Behavior Supports of Virginia
  • Shara Lindsey Walters, Peaceable Life