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Ethics and Standards of Practice

Unethical or Poor Practice

The Virginia Positive Behavior Support Network holds its members responsible for following a strict adherence to the Standards of Practice and Ethical Guidelines.  Violations in ethics or standards of practice may be reported to the  Virginia Positive Behavior Support Code of Ethics Violation Complaint Form by emailing A copy of the ethics review process may be found here. Once a complaint has been filed against a PBS Facilitator, he or she will be asked to cease all communication with the complainant  under penalty of immediate suspension. If unwanted communication occurs following the filing of a complaint, please notify the ethics committee immediately.

Virginia Positive Behavior Support Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

Virginia Positive Behavior Support Network
The overall goal of the Virginia Positive Behavior Support Network is to improve the overall quality of life for Virginians, regardless of abilities, through Positive Behavior Supports. The Virginia Board for PBS seeks to represent endorsed Positive Behavior Support Facilitators and holds regular meetings which are open to the network. 

Elected Board Representatives are:

  • Wendi Strickland
  • Meneika Chandler
  • Cynthia Minto
  • Richard Kriner
  • Laura Sabados
  • VJ Petillo
  • Phil Nussbaum 

The bylaws of the Virginia Board for Positive Behavior Support may be found here.

Download Meeting Minutes by clicking on the desired date or year below.

In order to promote and uphold best practices of Positive Behavior Support, the network has established a guide for Standards of Practice and Ethics.