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Become a Coach

Updated February 28, 2012

In order to become a coach, one must first participate in the two day Person Centered Thinking training. Training to become a person centered coach consists of several sessions that include:

  • Why an organization should have PCT coaches
  • Who should be a coach
  • What coaches do
  • When and how one coaches
  • Person Centered Tool Practice
  • How coaches support their organization in making changes

Coaches’ training is recommended for: Professionals who a) possess person centered knowledge and skills, b) use person centered tools, c) are in positions to informally teach those around them, and d) advocate for and actively reinforce the use of person centered skills and tools Regional Coaches’ training is held periodically throughout the year. To find out when the next one is being held in your region, or if you wish to host a coaches’ training, contact Dawn Machonis at